LVR Flote



Floating drone or Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) OTTER is the ultimate hydrographic survey tool for mapping enclosed waters such as lakes, canals, rivers, ponds and harbor areas.

Hull: Catamaran
Measures: 200 x 108 x 106 cm
Powered by: easily interchangeable battery packs
Propulsion: 2 electric thrusters
Max speed: 4 knots/h
  • Multibeam echosounder Reson SeaBat T20-ASV
  • Positioning and INS sensor Applanix
  • PosMV
  • Sound velocity profiler Valeport
  • HYPACK hydrographic software
  • LiDAR sensor Velodyne VLP-16

Data acquisition using high resolution multibeam and LiDAR devices, 100% seabed coverage.

Depth resolution: 6mm

Data density: up to 5cm

Data acquisition in hard to reach locations and in close proximity to nearby structures

Very shallow water surveys up to 50cm

Final point cloud derived to customer’s required coordinate system

Depth/height coordinates in EVRS; LAS-2000,5

Final point cloud can be used to produce geospatial model


Data delivered electronically using XYZ, LAS / LAZ formats

Survey is done using calibrated and certified equipment


LVR Flote is a reliable, stable and experienced company that contributes to the competitiveness of Latvian ports with the range of services it provides.

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